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Perpetual trophies

GSBYRA Service Award

The Service Award established by John Everitt in 2006 recognizes Great South Bay Yacht Racing Association volunteers for their long-time involvement and dedication to the organization. The President, 1st and 2nd Vice Presidents, and the two most recent Past Presidents select recipients when they deem to honor a long-time volunteer for steadfast support and guidance.

2022 Jean Clark 2020 Joe Mulle 2019 Thomas G. Conlin 2018 Doughlas Graham 2017 Melanie Oswalt 2016 Gerard Holwell 2015 Russell Pearson 2014 Alphonso Guardino 2013 MaryAnn Deering 2012 Phillip Burr Linker 2010 Michelle Pittman 2009 Dianne C. Schmidt 2008 Glenn Schmidt 2007 William B. Ludlum 2006 Elizabeth Atwood

John J. Fauth 3rd Memorial Trophy

Awarded to the outstanding GSBYRA Full Member Club junior skipper under age 18 for the best performance at Junior* Race Week using the Cox-Sprague Scoring System to consider the number of boats in each class, the John J. Fauth Memorial Trophy was donated by the Fauth family to commemorate John’s service as a Past President of GSBYRA 1976-1977. * Deed of Gift amended in 2015.

2022 Costa ReverberiOptimist BlueBellport Bay Yacht Club 2021Joseph Beitch420Bay Shore Yacht Club 2020Not Held 2019Joseph BeitchSunfishWet Pants Sailing Association 2019Maeve SiskOptimist RedBellport Bay Yacht Club 2018Terrance ByrnesOptimist RedSayville Yacht Club 2017Terrance ByrnesOptimist RedSayville Yacht Club 2016Terrance ByrnesOptimist BlueSayville Yacht Club 2015Charlotte CallenderOptimist BlueBellport Bay Yacht Club 2014Ian HolzmacherJY 15Narrasketuck Yacht Club 2013Jillian LessingOptimistSayville Yacht Club 2012Kai RauchOptimist BlueBellport Bay Yacht Club 2011Sean LindenOptimist BlueBay Shore Yacht Club 2010J. C. HermusOptimist WhiteBellport Bay Yacht Club 2009Nick Valente420Wet Pants Sailing Association 2008Ali Blumenthal420Bellport Bay Yacht Club 2007Andy Monzón420Bellport Bay Yacht Club 2006Andrew BaranskyOptimistNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2005Devin Laviano420Bellport Bay Yacht Club 2004Jennifer SmithMercuryBellport Bay Yacht Club 2003Christian CremerOptimist BlueSayville Yacht Club 2002Tricia KutkiewiczSunfish YouthMoriches Yacht Club 2001David Hyer420Babylon Yacht Club 2000Todd KutkiewiczSunfish YouthMoriches Yacht Club 1999Zachery Motl;Laser RadialBellport Bay Yacht Club 1998Michael CollinsOptimistWet Pants Sailing Association 1997Jonathan WoodwardSunfish YouthMoriches Yacht Club 1996Ben SternbergMercurySaltaire Yacht Club 1995Matt JohnsonSunfish YouthSayville Yacht Club 1994Alex ConwaySunfish YouthBay Shore Yacht Club 1993Justin StangSunfish YouthBay Shore Yacht Club 1992Chris McDermottSunfish YouthBabylon Yacht Club 1991Christine DiRestaSunfish YouthMoriches Yacht Club 1990Kevin DavidSunfish YouthWet Pants Sailing Association 1989Kevin DavidSunfish YouthWet Pants Sailing Association 1988Brian CampbellLaserWet Pants Sailing Association 1987Sacha BacroSunfish YouthSaltaire Yacht Club

Paul W. Connelly 3rd Memorial Trophy

Awarded annually through a Narrasketuck class vote to the Narrasketuck class member, who exemplifies sportsmanlike behavior, a most determined attitude, and persevering qualities for victory, the Paul W. Connelly 3rd Memorial Trophy was donated in his honor by his sailing friends. * Awarded posthumously.

2022 Ed Smith Narrasketuck Yacht Club 2021 Not Raced For 2020Todd BriceUnqua Corinthian Yacht Club 2019Todd BriceUnqua Corinthian Yacht Club 2018Mark StangBay Shore Yacht Club 2017Ed SmithNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2016Gus RappoldNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2015Jay Graham *Narrasketuck Yacht Club 2014Mark StangBay Shore Yacht Club 2013Ed SmithNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2012Jeff Brous *Narrasketuck Yacht Club 2011Jeff BrousNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2010Jeff BrousNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2009Rudy SittlerNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2008Jeff BrousNarrasketuck Yacht Club Mark StangBay Shore Yacht Club 2007Jeff BrousNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2006Jeff BrousNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2005Dianne SchmidtBay Shore Yacht Club 2004Glenn SchmidtBay Shore Yacht Club 2003Don DiStefanoNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2002Joe TripodiNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2001Dan HesseWet Pants Sailing Association 2000Ed SmithNarrasketuck Yacht Club 1999Ward BrooksSouth Bay Cruising Club Don DiStefanoNarrasketuck Yacht Club 1998Don DiStefanoNarrasketuck Yacht Club 1997Mark StangBay Shore Yacht Club 1996Ted Everitt 3rdBay Shore Yacht Club Dick GuntherBay Shore Yacht Club Gretchen StangBay Shore Yacht Club 1995Glenn SchmidtBay Shore Yacht Club 1994Ward BrooksSouth Bay Cruising Club 1993Glenn SchmidtBay Shore Yacht Club Dave FaberBay Shore Yacht Club 1992Christina GrahnBay Shore Yacht Club 1991Dick GuntherBay Shore Yacht Club 1990Glenn SchmidtBay Shore Yacht Club 1989Dave JohnsonBabylon Yacht Club Don DiStefanoUnqua Corinthian Yacht Club 1988Tim ShieblerBabylon Yacht Club 1987Ted Everitt Jr.Babylon Yacht Club Robert GardnerPoint O' Woods Yacht Squadron 1986Doug CrockerBabylon Yacht Club Gorty Baldwin 3rdBabylon Yacht Club 1985Glenn SchmidtLong Island Yacht Club 1984Dianne SchmidtLong Island Yacht Club 1983Dave FaberBay Shore Yacht Club 1982Gretchen SchmidtLong Island Yacht Club 1981Jay GrahamBabylon Yacht Club

Delafield Trophy

Awarded to the GSBYRA Full Member Club adult skipper for the most perfect performance at Race Week using the Cox-Sprague Scoring System to consider the number of boats in each class, the Lewis L. Delafield Memorial Trophy is dedicated in tribute and recognition of the many years Delafield spent as GSBYRA Chairman of Race Week. Delafield was a member of Cedarhurst Yacht Club.

2022 Race Week Not Held   2021 Race Week Not Held   2020 Race Week Not Held   2019 Race Week Not Held   2018 Race Week Not Held   2017 Race Week Not Held   2016 Kia OlssonJ 24Sayville Yacht Club 2015 Race Week Not Held   2014 Peter Christensen420Point O' Woods Yacht Squadron 2013 Mark StangNarrasketuckSouth Bay Cruising Club 2012 Lawrence DeeringMarshall 18 HandiBellport Bay Yacht Club 2011 Ward BrooksNarrasketuckBellport Bay Yacht Club 2010 Jim KoehlerSunfishSouth Bay Watersports Association 2009 Ward BrooksNarrasketuckBellport Bay Yacht Club 2008 Mark StangNarrasketuckBay Shore Yacht Club 2007 Ted CremerLaserSayville Yacht Club 2006 Andrew BaranskyOptimistNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2005 Devin Laviano420Bellport Bay Yacht Club 2004 Jenny SmithMercuryBellport Bay Yacht Club 2003 David Hyer420Babylon Yacht Club 2002 Tricia KutkiewiczSunfishMoriches Yacht Club 2001 Dave HyerJY 15Babylon Yacht Club 2000 Todd KutkiewiczSunfishMoriches Yacht Club 1999 Peter LjungqvistPHRF O' Day 272Bellport Bay Yacht Club 1998 Michael Collins Wet Pants Sailing Association 1997 Kevin Brink Babylon Yacht Club 1996 Seth Siegler Babylon Yacht Club 1995 James KoehlerSunfishNarrasketuck Yacht Club 1994 Alex Conway Bay Shore Yacht Club 1993 Dave Becker Narrasketuck Yacht Club 1992 Chris McDermott Babylon Yacht Club 1991 Dave & Bruce MacDonellNarrasketuckWet Pants Sailing Association 1990 Kevin David Wet Pants Sailing Association 1989 Matthew Boudreau Bay Shore Yacht Club 1988 Dave & Bruce MacDonellNarrasketuckWet Pants Sailing Association 1987Paul Zambriski Wet Pants Sailing Association 1986 Kirk RoeserTornadoBellport Bay Yacht Club 1985 Chris Hale Unqua Corinthian Yacht Club 1984 Larry Becker Hobie Fleet 124 1983 Larry Becker Hobie Fleet 124 1982 Patty Haugland Bay Shore Yacht Club 1981 Lawrence DeeringTornadoBellport Bay Yacht Club 1980 Kirk RoeserTornadoBellport Bay Yacht Club 1979 Kirk RoeserTornadoBellport Bay Yacht Club 1978 Joel M. FurmanSunfishBellport Bay Yacht Club 1977 Frank L. St. JohnNarrasketuckBabylon Yacht Club 1976 Richard Nutturno Narrasketuck Yacht Club 1975 Philip Saccio Babylon Yacht Club 1974 Doug Crocker Babylon Yacht Club 1973 Frank L. St. JohnNarrasketuckBabylon Yacht Club 1972 Richard Piacentini Narrasketuck Yacht Club 1971 Tim Mooney Bay Shore Yacht Club 1970 Bryce C. Suydam Bellport Bay Yacht Club 1969 Mark D. Powell Wet Pants Sailing Association 1968 Gregory R. Kasin Bayberry Yacht Club 1967 Randy Pfrunder Narrasketuck Yacht Club 1966 Henry A. V. Post Jr. Babylon Yacht Club 1965 Gregory R. Kasin Bayberry Yacht Club 1964 Gregory R. Kasin Bayberry Yacht Club 1963 Stephen W. Bedell Bellport Bay Yacht Club 1962 Stuart A. Brayshaw Babylon Yacht Club 1931 Stuart A. Brayshaw Babylon Yacht Club 1960 Stuart A. Brayshaw Babylon Yacht Club 1959 William M. Parke 3rd Point O' Woods YS

"Cappy" Arink Memorial Trophy

Awarded for the best over all performance in any class by a member of a Full Member Club at the Babylon Fourth of July Invitational Regatta, the “Cappy” Arink Trophy is dedicated  to E. Carleton Arink, a Past President of GSBYRA from 1955-1956, a former Chairman of Race Week, Commodore of the Narrasketuck One Design Association 1946-47, and a life long bay sailor. Arink designed the Narrasketuck burgee and emblem. His crew, Bill Torrey and Ted Zimmerman, donated the trophy, the transom of a Narrasketuck, to GSBYRA. Two wood boards with engraved plates now hang below the transom.

2022 Greg Schneller; Dickie Burns, Dave Hyer Flying Scot Babylon Yacht Club 2021Joe Mullé; Carl GalianFlying ScotBabylon Yacht Club 2020Not Raced For 2019David Johnson; Maria Parascandola, Taryn BerkmireFlying ScotBabylon Yacht Club 2018Greg Schneller; Dickie Burns, Dave HyerFlying ScotBabylon Yacht Club 2017Todd Brice; Jim ReichelNarrasketuckUnqua Corinthian Yacht Club 2016Mark Stang; Atis StepeNarrasketuckBay Shore Yacht Club 2015Mark Stang; Atis StepeNarrasketuckSouth Bay Cruising Club 2014David M. Hyer; Brian & John SchroederFlying ScotBabylon Yacht Club 2013Aileen EppigPHRF SpinBabylon Yacht Club 2012David M. HyerFlying ScotBabylon Yacht Club 2011Ryan HennesseyOptimistMoriches Yacht Club 2010Jeff Brous; Ed SmithNarrasketuckNarrasketuck Yacht Club 2009John Schwarting; Sharon SchwartingFlying ScotWet Pants Sailing Association Doug Volle 2008Ward Brooks; Kirk HurmeNarrasketuckBellport Bay Yacht Club 2007David Hyer; Sarah MeaseJY 15Babylon Yacht Club 2006Max Soriano; Bianca Rom420Narrasketuck Yacht Club 2005Devin Laviano; Paige Conlin420Bellport Bay Yacht Club 2004Jimi Grover; Justin GroverJY 15Babylon Yacht Club 2003David Hyer; Matt Brink420Babylon Yacht Club 2002Jimi Grover; Justin GroverJY 15Babylon Yacht Club 2001Erich HesseJY 15Wet Pants Sailing Association 2000Ward BrooksNarrasketuckSouth Bay Cruising Club 1999Paul-Jon PatinJY 15Sayville Yacht Club 1998Andrew KinseyJY 15Sayville Yacht Club 1997Dave & Bruce MacDonellNarrasketuckWet Pants Sailing Association 1996William MurrayVanguard 15Saltaire Yacht Club 1995Bruce KennedySunfishUnqua Corinthian Yacht Club 1994Dan CameronLaserSayville Yacht Club 1993Paul-Jon PatinJY 15Sayville Yacht Club 1992George AtwoodNarrasketuckBayberry Yacht Club 1991Paul-Jon PatinLaserSayville Yacht Club 1990Tim RumphLightningSouthampton Yacht Club 1989Paul-Jon PatinLaserSayville Yacht Club 1988George AtwoodNarrasketuckBayberry Yacht Club 1987Doug Crocker / Gorty Baldwin 3rdNarrasketuckBabylon Yacht Club 1986Doug Crocker / Gorty Baldwin 3rdNarrasketuckBabylon Yacht Club 1985Chris HaleLaserUnqua Corinthian Yacht Club 1984Chris HaleLaserUnqua Corinthian Yacht Club 1983Russell PearsonThistleBay Shore Yacht Club 1982Patrick BainSunfish SecondaryNarrasketuck Yacht Club 1981Dave BeckerHobie 16Hobie Fleet 124 1980Doug MeyhoeferSunfishNarrasketuck Yacht Club 1979Kirk RoeserTornadoBellport Bay Yacht Club 1978Jim GroverNarrasketuckBabylon Yacht Club 1977Jim GroverNarrasketuckBabylon Yacht Club 1976Doug CrockerSunfishBabylon Yacht Club

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